Braindead left sermonizing on russia-gate…time to reopen the whole question…if the left can’t get 9/11 right ‘its’ opinions are worthless…

I reacted strongly to the Mueller report because it is a bit odd to see the left so confident about the results of the likes of such a man. This government lies and does so systematically. How could anyone trust such a man and his report. Now leftist bigwigs are sermonizing about the failure of the press. Check out Counterpunch, Chris Hedges, Jacobin, et al.
These ‘media’ genius’ never go 9/11 right and are either half-assed investigative journalists, in the pocket of Chomsky, or liars.
How can Hedges be so sanctimonious about russia-gate if he is so in the dark about 9/11.

As noted I have never been much of a russia-gate fan one way or the other, although I have vacillated in uncertainty, it is almost impossible to make sense of the issue, but ironically the release of the report led me to reopen the question in my mind and the result is that a mysterious collusion is suddenly almost self-evident, as David Corn makes clear in a short piece in Mother Jones, check out the link. Trump’s relationship to Putin remains a puzzle and won’t go away after sermons from Hedges, Jacobin, Counterpunch et al. To be sure, the critiques should be studied but a strange suspicion lurks on the left: what is the influence of Putin on the left?
Also, as noted the left long ago lost its credibility over the 9/11 coverup and its bizarre compliance to one of the greatest crimes of the US and probably the Israeli government.
So ironically the Mueller report reopens the russia-gate ‘suspicions’, whatever the lack of ‘legal’ issues, and leaves a mystery of the Trump psyche and the deft interaction with russia/putin beyond the range of legal visibility. And we should also wonder, without naming naming the nameless, who is in the Putin camp?

I find Taibbi’s article interesting, and important to read prior to paper airplaning the whole text, but I long ago realized I was so confused either way on key issues of the Trump era I ceas…

Source: In a culture of american political human shit, washington gangsters, CIA plants and media whores why should anyone believe Mueller…or a complete idiot like Taibi (who got 9/11 wrong)…?///It’s official: Russiagate is this generation’s WMD – 1848: The End(s) of History

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