In a culture of american political human shit, washington gangsters, CIA plants and media whores why should anyone believe Mueller…or a complete idiot like Taibi (who got 9/11 wrong)…?///It’s official: Russiagate is this generation’s WMD

I find Taibbi’s article interesting, and important to read prior to paper airplaning the whole text, but I long ago realized I was so confused either way on key issues of the Trump era I ceased to believe anyone. I can’t make out russiagate So I won’t endorse either the Mueller report (I see no reason why he couldn’t have made it all up in the culture of the american establishment lying and FBI/CIA psychopaths) and Taibbi who is often a refreshing read but nonetheless an investigative reporter who got the expose 9/11 conspiracy theories completely wrong. I am so nettled by Taibbi’s bum steers that I trust nothing that I read. However he seems right here although I can’t see that his exposes are really reliable, although I am glad to have at least read his discussion of russiagate which I probably got wrong, although I barely had an opinion. I see however no grounds for rejecting collusion.   Cui bono? Trump is suddenly near angelic in his new truthiness.

Acid test to see how easily you can be fooled (you will be ridiculed in public and banned from ‘chic’ society if you believe the below):

Keep in mind that the government, the press, and most of the left under the influence of Chomsky failed to see that the US government (in league we suspect with Mossad) staged a tremendous crime in the false flag op of 9/11. The evidence is confusing but by now overwhelming in its demonstration and yet almost the whole establishment and press still refuses to objectively examine the issues, i.e. it must be lying…..

So who knows?

Note to readers: in light of news that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation is complete, I’m releasing this chapter of Hate Inc. early, with a few new details added up top. Nobody wants to hear this, but news that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is headed home without issuing new charges is a death-blow for the reputation of the American news media.

Source: It’s official: Russiagate is this generation’s WMD

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