The rapid disintegration of christianity….

Christians are unaware of the rapid disintegration of christianity (and judaism) as viable religions in a secular age. In many ways the views of secular humanists are confirmed and their agitation successful in mvoing modern culture beyond monotheism (if not ‘religion’). But modern atheism taken as equivalent to the secular has produced its own confusions. The struggle for a reasonable understanding is difficult and the confusing legacy of christianity with its extravagant theological farce is a difficult terrain to navigate. The mysterious spiritual powers behind it(who seem to have abandoned it), and in the context of the eonic effect, make right understanding impossible in traditional terms. We should therefore urge simply walking away from christianity as it degenerates but remaining wary of religious ambiguity in the context of dishonest and deceptive theistic propagandas.

Source: How “Case for Christ” author Lee Strobel fabricated his best-selling story  – Last Man There

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