Marxist poppycock is confusing beginners…for life…

We have critical of Alan Wood’s muddled thinking, not uncharacteritic of the left/marxism in general. This is the fourth time we have tried to criticize his ‘Reason in Revolt’, to no avail. The idea that dialectical materialism is a science and that it now finds support in the chaos and complexity theory is complete poppycock. Such thinking discredits the whole marxist left, among many other such forms of wrong thinking.It has gone on since the nineties and is peddled to a captive audience of beginners who can end up confused for left with a leader is also selling books to that audience.

Creating socialism doesn’t require theories like this. It in fact confuses practical action.
Does creating democracy require a theory? It is a question of political praxis based on a study of political values and the idea of freedom. The same is the case for socialism: we assess on the basis of values and the idea of freedom the possibility of a shared socialist republic. If we are dumb enough to bring in dialectical materialism we will end up so confused that we will fumble the ball…

First published in 1995, Reason in Revolt is an application of the method of dialectical materialism to modern science. One of the most common accusations directed against Marxism, and Engels in particular – who wrote extensively on science – is that he based himself on the science of the 19th century and therefore is out of date. But in fact, the discoveries of modern science – which support theories such as chaos and complexity – provide far more material that shows that Engels was right when he said that, in the last analysis, nature works dialectically.

Source: New publication of “Reason in Revolt” in Farsi

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