The US: a failed civilization…what on earth happened?

Few cultures had the potential possibilities of the United States and yet we can see already that it has moved into failure and a dangerous one at that. We might say the same for the Russia of Putin. In the wake of an immense criminality of imperialism and capitalism of the US, and much else, we see the hopeless legacy of guns and the obsession they have created. Is the US the ultimate source of the gun massacre as this passes into rightist darkness? New Zealand takes six days to deal with the issue, the US, it seems, never probably?
What is the fate of such a civilization? It can’t continue forever in its torment of humanity, the same being true of the Israel fiasco. No doubt. Rome tormented millions for centuries, but the US won’t be so ‘fortunate’. Modern times gave birth to a new kind of left. But that left has ended with the likes of Putin. Still, the threat looms that the fate of such a civilization is revolutionary refoundation, or else dissolution…But Putin is the end game of such an attempt, and the result was worse (than Tzarism?). We can only argue the process was the result of an aborted left. It is important to follow the steps of revolution, perhaps in the mysterious English civil war: democracy and primitive communism lurked in potential in that ferocious conflict. But the US we see now is really the outcome of the failure of that civil are and its tragic flaws were born in the Restoration. There the democracy that wasn’t democracy was born.

Source: ‘What Real Action to Stop Gun Violence Looks Like’: New Zealand PM Announces Ban on Assault Rifles After Christchurch Massacre

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