The failure of thinking in marxist abstractions

It is very easy in principle to resolve the problems with marxism which, despite its liabilities, correctly foresaw the problem with capitalism, But in practice the same rigor mortis that overtook religion seems to have overtaken marxism.

We have suggested one simple critique will jolt marxists out of their inertia: seeing through the theory of historical materialism and stages of production theory. Marx’s attempt to be a theorist backfired and saddled the left with incorrect thinking. The solution is a broader view of history along with a sense that postcapitalism requires free agents to create it. And that requires a careful blueprint of what is needed: a definition in advance of the kind of society needed. Thinking in abstractions and refusing to lay down a game plan was disastrous, as the evidence of bolshevism  makes obvious in retrospect.

The left has so far failed to consider how to create an economic system that really works on the level of socialism. No use complaining of capitalists if your only resolution is stalinist stupidity. Our suggestion is to model what is needed along the lines of ‘democratic market neo-commuism‘: reconciling a complex of opposites needs careful thought.  The critique of markets is easy, understanding them not so easy.



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