yellow vests put american deadbeat leftists to shame…immediate revolutionary intervention?…//The climate strike is a source for hope – but new research shows it might be too late  

At least in France we see the yellow vests persistent protests. But the american left couldn’t even stage a legal march with a permit. Where on earth is the left: it is growing marxist mouldy cheese and stewing over stalin jitters and fear of the police. The risks taken by yellow vests put the american left to shame as a bunch of nitwits and deadbeats.

I think in part the problem is also the misfocus on the working class: we have suggested, without really changing that core meme, that a broader focus on the so-called universal class might help to create a movement of everybody and to transcend the economic pivot on the working class to a social transformation of all classes in the context of ecological intervention, a constitutional refoundation with a Commons, and instead of the endless agitation for the working class wages and gains a prior commitment to economic rights, democracy, and a new view of planning and markets. Despite claims otherwise the left can’t manage ecology the fact is that its focus is on a proletarian myth. Yet a generalized ecological socialism could achieve all the gains needed by all classes at a stroke and turn its energies to climate intervention and a revolutionary transformation of all classes…In part the left can’t turn radical because the legacy of bolshevik blocks the way.
This approach allows a unification of many groups and can do working class revolution in tandem with middle class, any class, formations plus focus on socialism in an ecological context.
The impasse must be broken by a radical new postmarxism (maintaining a lot of its insights but ditching its failed theories

The end of the world is no longer a fanciful hypothesis. It is the most plausible scenario.

Source: The climate strike is a source for hope – but new research shows it might be too late | The Independent

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