did bolshevik idiots destroy the socialist opportunity…?// The Black Disk of the Sun …

Did the bolshevikss/stalin destroy the socialist opportunity? One has to fear they did. And the marxist left is unable to recover and move on frozen as it is in marxist boilerplate. From Marx to Putin, a dismal history.
Although I am critical of Sanders it remains true that his (coopted) use of the term ‘socialism’ (more useful to the CIA than real socialists) nonetheless is keeping the term alive as a surrogate for ‘social democracy manque/FDR-ism) thence to cross the desert to the promised land of ‘the real thing’. An optimist verdict at best…
Our ‘democratic market neo-communism’ is ruthless neo-post-marxist restart that divorces itself from marxist theory (if not from Mars/Engels’ historical drama), and forces the issue of democracy, markets and planning, and the creation of a Commons. Along with an ecological socialist angle. Unless you have all of them you have nothing: the bolsheviks had nothing, a complete wasted opportunity.

Source: The Black Disk of the Sun: On Brian J. Boeck’s Biography of Mikhail Sholokhov, “Stalin’s Scribe” – Los Angeles Review of Books

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