Virtual revolution NOW! revolutionary marshals, failsafes, and top drawer ‘at ready’…

We are not going to make at the current rate: the climate change calamity is accelerating as the left is stuck in movements too limited to deal with the disaster unfolding.

Virtually all comment on the issue draws out the suggested need for social transformation, which seems to mean ‘revolution’ but ‘I didn’t say that’, (that’s what I meant, maybe, if you don’t call the Feds).\

Our idea of virtual revolution can help here: the idea resembles the gedanken experiment but it asks a set of real questions: is a revolutionary transformation possible?

How can a revolutionary transformation create a new ideological framework? How does one deal with the obsession with non-violence/Gandhi, what are the dangers of revolution? ….

We have created a double perspective of reformist/revolutionary options with our democratic market neo-communism.

A revolution needs to declare a Commons, at a minimum, from there create a new form of social politics. Our (ecological) ‘democratic market neo-communism’ is a model that enforces a set of disciplines: issues of ecological socialism, democracy and its definitions, markets/planning and a decent socialist economy (finally!) that isn’t braindead state capitalism, the creation of a Commons.

A revolutionary situation requires a hard guarantee it won’t ‘stalinize’: it needs revolutionary marshals connected to the operation who will witness to the tactics and implementation of revolutionary options.

A revolutionary operation with the right protocols and failsafed against stalinism has an inherent right to a rescue operation if it can operate a respect for rights, not create out of control covert agencies, and is guarded by a set of revolutionary marshals…

The world has one shot at survival left: the idea of virtual revolution. to start, can initiate ‘real time thought on basics’ for an alternate future. As the collapse unfolds this can enforce the immense task of being ready for the inexorable emergence of revolutionary situations, the ‘virtual revolutionaries’ with their top drawer Project issued in to realization…


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