nationalization? why not say it: we need a revolution to nationalize everything…//The Green New Deal Must Transform the Economy

The discussions of the Green New Deal and the climate crisis generally constantly invoke the need for social transformation without anything more than a set of abstractions: the clear implication unstated is the need for revolutionary solutions. Naturally these tight lipped sites don’t dare mention the topic, or else genuinely fail to grasp what they are saying.
The call for nationalization is fairly direct but does anyone really think that is realistic via conventional politics.

Let’s proceed to socialism nationalize everything top level. Our DMNC allows three sectors with a general Commons. The whole industrial base is brought to that Commons, which is not really the same as state capitalism or state ownership.

Without nationalization, there is no reason to believe that fossil fuel companies will stop further exploration and extraction. Thus, fossil fuel nationalization should be adopted as an essential strategy for a transformative Green New Deal that replaces fossil fuel energy with renewable energy. In addition, relying on carbon sequestration to offset continued fossil fuel use is a higher risk, slower and likely much less effective strategy.

Source: The Green New Deal Must Transform the Economy

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