antisemitism…?//American lickspittles and the israeli/zionist gangster mafia…hinayana/mahayana analog and the bird’s eye view of the eonic effect…

googling congress antisemitism

There is something strange about the current flap in Congress over antisemitism. The stances of the critics of antisemitism are so extreme that they have backed everyone into the antisemitic corner.  That’s a move that looks like strength but in reality it shows that the critics of antisemtism are losing strength, and coherence. You can get congressmen to denounce antisemites, but if you include ‘philosemites’ like myself you will be swiftly disabused. In fact the whole christian/judaic legacy is starting to collapse and the excesses of the zionists are starting to enter public knowledge creating a kind of unstable status quo. The data is so horrifying given works like Grand Deception (Amazon) and many others that one wonders that the stranglehood persists: it is a sign of desperation as israel starts losing ground. There is a crucial distinction between the ‘antisemitism’ of hate that has a ‘traditional’ and ugly legacy: the latter can’t seem to grasp their own position and have confused all attempts to clarify the antisemitism issue and the new antisemitism blackmail now exploited to devastating effect by zionist gangsterism that wishes to control american culture. These gangsters stand behind 9/11 and the iraq war, and much else and have entered into a zone of mysterious zionist evil next to the corruption of the hard to decipher american deep state.

The jewish/israeli stranglehood on american politics is so great that the result is almost pathetic. How could antisemitism not be increasing? How could it not? Fascist israelis and their ‘lobbies’ have gestated fascist control of american politics and in the process destroyed american democracy. Our congress is a ridiculous spectacle of lickspittles kowtowing to a strangely sadist zionist obsession. They have so humiliated christians that one begins to reexamine the historical roots of the whole question, there to discover all over again the way that the emergence of monotheism was a series of mishaps: we see the way the old testament misfired and produced an exclusive covenental ‘israelitism’ which generated the christian outcome but with the result that the world ended up with two religions.  This is hardly new. Centuries of theological figures have tried to clarify the question. Islam attempted to start over  with a new religion that dealt with the issue.

I think the process of festering is ultimately a sign the problem is going to resolve itself, ultimately.  Jews can have a great future as a secularized post-religious culture next to a vanishing christianity leaving the whole issue of the axial age christianity/judaism in history’s dustbin.

We should note for comparison the exact same process that occurred with Hinayana and Mahayana buddhism in the exact same time frame. That should help to clarify the tragedies that unfolded in the name of religion and that have cursed the whole legacy of monotheism from the start.

The philosemitism of the eonic model which dotes on the mystery of the Axial Age and its progeny can help to both clarify the history and to put it in context. The ‘god’ idea confused everything.

It helps to see that none of the history had anything to do with ‘god’. That might help jews and christians go cold turkey on the horrible mess they have create out of monotheism…

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