with marxists on Venezuela who needs enemies…?//Re: [Marxism] ISO (and Mike Gonzalez) on Venezuela

I find the marxist left often to be a puzzle, if not a pack of complete idiots. Maduro is in a perfect position to create a real socialism, whatever his faults. But leftists wish to see him fail so they can wait (forever) for a working class revolution. Chavez cleverly balanced his partial stalled ‘near revolution’ and multiple sectors are engaged including working class elements. But he lacked, because marxists can’t provide, a practical blueprint which the marxists would sabotage anyway with sophistical marx chapter and verse/

I think Maduro is paralyzed by the lack of any model or plan to create socialism. And the left, after all the blah blah at marx sites, is incapable of any help. Chavez and Maduro have had a golden opportunity to carry through the path to real socialism but have let opportunity slip away…

let’s note our attempt with ‘democratic market neo-communism’ to start on such a project: the issue of democracy, of markets and planning, and a Commons with expropriation are four pieces in the puzzle with one easy to realize solution. This approach is really very simple, granting the crux issue of expropriation. Marxists have created a confusion in which the problems are insoluble, forget it…


Source: Re: [Marxism] ISO (and Mike Gonzalez) on Venezuela

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