Could a benign socialism create a culture that can lead man to understanding of his ‘soul’ question? don’t count on it, where the great religions have failed…

The great monotheisms have served their purpose in world history and our study of the eonic effect, which is neutral suggests they are passing away. The issue of islam is difficult given the reality of islamophobia but its position is close to that of xtianity…

Our discussion at the Gurdjieff Con on spiritual psychology suggests that none of these religions are coherent on their key issue, the human soul.
That’s a striking fact, to say the least…
I am not a religious prophet, fortunately: none of them have clarified the spiritual question, not at all… judaism and xtianity are so pervaded with lies that believers are frozen in place

Source: Judeo-xtianity as dead religions – and islam? – 1848: The End(s) of History

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