the endless marxist bilge a sure fire way to sink the revolution…//Alan Woods’ “The Venezuelan Revolution” – now in eBook format!

Nothing could illustrate more clearly the equal incompetence of the Bolivarians and the marxists. The left fails because it has no real program and Alan Woods attempt to insist on marxist orthodoxy will simply create more confusion. Woods is correct that the Bolivarians failed to complete a a revolution but then again they sensed that dogmatic marxism wouldn’t work either.

We have suggested a new approach that leaves marxism behind and builds a new kind of neo-communism from scratch, one that is able to deal with markets, planning, independent socialist orgs, worker cooperatives, high level politics and neo-democracy with an ecological focus added. The older marxism has failed in every case and it is perhaps providential the Bolivarians hesitated as if to evade a dead bolshevism…
But in a larger sense Woods is right to point to expropriation…but that should be done in a larger context than the same old same old cliches about working class ownership, etc…The real revolution will have NO owners, not even the working class: it should construct a Commons..

If the US imperialists can’t finish off Venenzuela the hardcore marxists surely will…

The ongoing crisis in the country categorically proves that it is the ideas of Marxism, and not of ‘twenty-first-century socialism’, that would have shown the way forward. It is for this reason that Wellred Books, the bookshop and publishing house of the International Marxist Tendency, proudly presents Alan Woods’ The Venezuelan Revolution: A Marxist Perspective in eBook format. This book, long out of print, was originally published in May 2005 as a collection of articles covering the momentous events of the Bolivarian Revolution. It should be read by all socialists who want to understand the background to the situation. It contains excellent lessons for revolutionaries in both Venezuela and the rest of the world.

Source: Alan Woods’ “The Venezuelan Revolution” – now in eBook format!

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