Ecological socialism and labor…

We have often been critical of marxism and the way it polarized the working class against all other classes and insisted that its interests should override all others. Now at a time of ecological socialism, or its hope, the frequent opposition of labor groups shows up Marx’s lack of real foresight into the disjointed mess that he created. And the working class turned into a non-revolutionary assembly of dead beats with no interest in socialism. His thinking never took hold in the working class and alienated many of those who actually have to do the work of revolution or transitional socialism. We have suggested looking at the universal class as a superset of the working class as a way to easily repair the canon and give it a larger humanist focus. The two are very similar and can work together for a broader resolution. This approach can easily multitask with the otherwise useful working class focus but will demand that working class formations see beyond their narrow self interest to the needs of a larger movement, viz. ecological socialism: how will these labor unions deal with a world at 2C+ after the labor world rejected any green movement warnings.
Leaders here must take into account the danger to which labor will suffer if they are forced into a now reactionary capitalism gravy train unionism by a bunch of union fat cats…
The question these labor leaders should ask is how a new socialism can meet the needs of the whole under conditions of degrowth, postcapitalist imminence, ecological collapse and the rest where a simple wage increase will confront a vanished economic capitalism.
Our DMNC shows a series of possibilities.

The stance of many labor unions against the green movement, or the Green New Deal, is very shortsighted. The world is getting frantic. Kneejerk labor unions will end up losing support on the left a…

see also the previous post on Victor Serge…

Source: labor hostility to GND will backfire…union busting from the left?//Labor Unions Are Skeptical of the Green New Deal, and They Want Activists to Hear Them Out – 1848: The End(s) of History

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