it was never tried in the context of the  bad theories of marxism…//What Happened to the Struggle for Socialism in Latin America?

Surely this pessimism is misguided: the real problem is with the lack of any real definition of ‘socialism’ on the left where the void in marxism has a set of incoherent abstractions in place of a serious strategy. The problem is visible from the start with the failed German revolution and the pseudo-communism of the Bolsheviks.
Our model of a ‘green democratic market neo-communism’ could definitely survive on its own and has a balanced structure that could interact with an international capitalism and/or create ‘socialism in one country’. Venezuela never really tried to create socialism, and they could still try: Maduro can hold out against the coup and then move toward an expropriation of the malignant capitalist sectors even as he and the Bolivarians attempt to rebalance the economy without the oil gravy train.
Our DMNC is designed to mimic a liberal society an vice versa: it can have an internal market, interact externally without letting global capital dominate…etc…The failure here is the failure of marxism..

he only way a “socialist strategy” might have worked in Latin America was if if it had been continent-wide in the same way Simon Bolivar had led. That would have required a different kind of leadership in Brazil than the Workers Party that was spineless.

Source: [Marxism] What Happened to the Struggle for Socialism in Latin America?

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