Universal versus working class…Green revolution and an equal pie

Despite our swipe against union bosses in the previous post our DMNC explicitly suggests the need for unions in our multi-sector system. As our DMNC turns green a new ‘bourgeoisie’ could easily arise and start to exploit in the name of green socialism. We need additional checks and balances and a set of safeguards against a ‘new bourgeoisie’. But our format is still oversimplified and needs some careful test logic to ‘debug’ its possible deviations…

The bourgeoisie will at some point change gears be more than happy to turn the working class into a peasantry in the name of a Green crisis.

We have critiqued the working class concept in Marx: the problem is that in the name of class struggle the interests of the working class are to take precedence to those of society in general. Marx didn’t really mean that but  in the era of bolshevism the working class got shafted royally by the new bourgeoisie of the one party state, etc…

The future may see a degrowth outcome but our format is more than able to deal with this as it guarantees its basic economic package of equality in the context of the Commons, and does this in advance…The working class thus moves into the framework of the universal class as the core ‘former’ class… The two concepts are actually  very similar with a different emphasis…

A ruthless equality with respect to political/economic agencies is needed and it might be useful to consider the political  class as a set of Platonic Guardians as an ascetic class forbidden to own anything, etc…

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