idiot union bosses fighting GND?///The Green Revolution (New Deal) Is the Only Realistic Option

Leaders of working class labor orgs need to get smart in a hurry: the dangers to working class interests are real but the dangers of climate change are even worse. We need a new kind of labor movement that can assess the route to a no-growth stable socialism where the basics of economic populism are guaranteed but possibly under reduced circumstances. If labor can’t evade a collision with green issues they will cripple their own movement and destroy working class consciousness.

Terry O’Sullivan, president of the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA), accused the lawmakers of “attaching a laundry list of laudable proposals” to “the sails of fantasy,” and called the resolution an “unrealistic manifesto.” He warned that it “threatens to destroy workers’ livelihoods, increase divisions and inequality, and undermine the very goals it seeks to reach,” concluding that “it is a bad deal.” (The pro-fossil fuel LIUNA, like a number of other unions, fears the job losses that could come as a result of the Green New Deal, despite the fact that the resolution features a federal job guarantee and universal basic income for that very reason).

Source: The Green New Deal Is the Only Realistic Option

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