The passing of judeo-xtianity…antisemitism blackmail and the passing away of the israeli rogue state

The boundaries of antisemitism are dissolving to reform given the reality behind the propaganda promoted by jews/israelis. The american public is unaware of the facts on the ground with respect to the rogue state of israel. Absurd charges of antisemitism are in part a defensive pre-emptive strike against public awareness of the out of control fascist zionism that has destroyed the integrity of the Israel state, itself increasingly, along with the US, a failed state. the core of that failure is judaism itself with its perverse definition of jewish identity turned into a citizenship definition defying the axioms of a liberal state nexus.

Israelis have a lot to hide from public scrutiny and yet as with a new crop of exposes such as Grand Deceptions the reality of what’s the case must be charged at all times with antisemitism, which it is not. As the various jewish/israeli lobbies try to strengthen their grip on public awareness and opinion an increasing range of critique is starting to spread involving everything from charges against Mossad in the JFK assassination to 9/11 conspiracy issues. Charges of conspiracy theory start to ring hollow as the facts seep into public awareness via cheap kindle books and other formats that can bypass the control of public opinion.
In the final analysis the zionist legacy is an attempt to forestall the inexorable tide of secularism overtaking both xtianity and judaism. As the ships sink the desperation efforts to enforce a regime of silence via antisemitism blackmail simply fuels the decline further as those falsely accused of antisemtism start to ask what is really going on…

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