“Hands off Venezuela”

If this attempted coup succeeds it will have disastrous consequences for working people in Venezuela and beyond. Guaidó has already announced his programme: the privatisation of nationalised companies (electricity, steel, telecommunications, cement, etc) and the expropriated landed estates; the “opening up” of the oil industry to foreign multinationals on very favourable terms; mass layoffs of public sector workers; the destruction of all social programmes; privatisation of health care and education; a “balanced budget”… This is an open programme of reaction on the social and economic fields.In order to implement these measures, such a government would have to crush the resistance of workers and peasants by suppressing democratic freedoms, attacking trade union and community organisations and arresting their leaders. Knowing the character of the reactionary opposition mobs and their track record, we could also expect lynch mobs to attack chavista supporters.All socialists, anti-imperialists and consistent democrats have a duty to oppose this coup with all our might. There is no room for vacillation. It is not possible to adopt a “neither, nor” position in the face of a blatant imperialist aggression.

Source: London: Marxist Student Federation conference says “Hands off Venezuela

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