A coup for Venezuela, or a coup for the US? the end of american democracy…

Venezuela news…

The behavior the US and Trump on Venezuela is almost imcredible to watch: openly criminal behavior in violation of international law not denounced by journalists, other politicians, or much of the general public, or even the ‘left’. The issue of humanitarian aid is a complete distortion and was exposed from the start as a provocation to initiate possible violence. If Trump cared about Venezuelans he would simply lift the sanctions.

In a strange way  this situation has wrought a coup on the US as we witness fascists in action: first the freedoms of external victims, then the freedom of americans as they remain passive with respect to a criminal american government.

And  the perpetrators here, Trump, et al. have undermined the rule of law and in an irony granted the equal and opposite right of americans in protest to overthrow the american government.

We must warn naive americans of the violence that will be inflicted on Venezuelans if they fail to resist. Maduro should stand his ground and ride out this grotesque Trumpian version of american fascist imperialism.

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