The Return of “Judeo-Bolshevism”

This is an important and useful article but it fails to really get at the history here which can’t be resolved by leftists in a muddle over bolshevism. A work such as Grand Deceptions, towards the end goes into the suppressed history of this question and is debatably itself a diatribe on ‘Judeo-Bolshevism’. But the left can’t simply igrnore the facts here.

But much of the detail is significant and the charges among others of the gross imbalance of jews in history of Bolshevism are a matter of simple statistics including such black hole issues as the large number of jews in the Cheka and their role in the Ukrainian genocide and the way the Nazis picked up on these issues in their own genocidal propaganda. What the answer is remains unclear and bordering on the tragic. This is one should note not the same as the rightist antisemitic bilge gaining currency now in the alt-right, but a look at the puzzle of bolshevism and its cryptic jewish supremacism now rampant and in the open in the Zionist movement, that rightist mirror image.
We have said many times that we should simply abandon bolshevism and move on. We can’t really rescue the whole fiasco at this point (only marginally entangled in the jewish question) and it is not the business of the left to offer apologia for that calamity…Goodbye to all that…

From Winston Churchill to the Nazis, anticommunists have long blamed the spread of socialism on Jews. With the Left again on the rise, the antisemitic trope of

Source: The Return of “Judeo-Bolshevism”

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