the eonic effect and the solution to kant’s challenge…will marx idiots even consider the answer?…//Kant: Idea for a Universal History from a Cosmopolitan Point of View

Kant’s classic essay here suffers the indignity of a marxist attempt to claim the piece, which means marxist idiots will never let the work stand on its own.

The bit about asocial sociability is especially useless that being the one stab at theory by Kant, and off the mark as such, although his suggestion deserves analysis. Historical materialism won’t resolve the questions asked by Kant.
The model of the eonic effect goes a long way toward suggesting the resolution, and brings all the pieces together: nature’s secret plan, historical directionality and teleology, the demiurge as a figment beyond theistic historicism (a mere suggestion, open to challenge), progress toward a perfect civil constitution, etc…
Unlike Marx, Kant did not prejudge the issues and admitted that future historical research was needed to resolve his challenge. Already we begin to see the discoveries of modern archaeology and historical research give us a first answer to the questions Kant wished to have answered.
It would be nice if marxists and kant students could look at this attempted solution. But of course they won’t. The world of marx barbarians has virtually destroyed Kant, beside Hegel and replaced it with trashy sociology.
The sheer idiocy of kant scholars, darwinists, and marxists is such that they can’t even read or discuss the work of an outcast who isn’t part of the propaganda system on history. The discussion of Kant’s Challenge has been in the public domain for over nineteenth years but not a single marxist, kantian, evolutionist/darwinian, or academic scholar would deign to even exchange an email with the author, very strange: the ideological hold on these people is a grotesque set of straight jackets.

Source: Kant: Idea for a Universal History from a Cosmopolitan Point of View

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