The marxist muddle over darwinism…marx was originally critical of Darwin…

The left has been especially stupid about darwinism in part because of the reductionist scientism that Marx imposed on leftists with his historical materialism. And yet Marx himself initially demurred from darwinism, smelling a rat of ‘english ideology’. It is unfortunate he did not persist here,

yielding no doubt to Engels’ dogmatic darwinism. The latter has been the curse of the left as leftist genocidal social darwinism and class conflict as a selectionist tactic basically derailed marxist sanity.
The need for a postmarxist critique of darwinism from the left is great and to have let the rightist ID folks run all over darwinist idiocy in scientists has been a cultural disaster…

It is almost incredible that at this late date scientists in a journal such as Science are still in denial over the issue of (irreducible) complexity and the design factor in biology/evolution.

Source: Behe won the argument long ago…dumbing down of science ED…//A biochemist’s crusade to overturn evolution misrepresents theory and ignores evidence | Books, Et Al. – Darwiniana

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