Scientism in the era of the anti-hegelian movement…

Marx’s reductionist scientism has crippled the left. You would think that after Kant and Hegel the left could have produced a more intelligent framework than historical materialism. But that’s just the point: the obsession with Hegel in the era of the 1840’s was so extreme that an equally dubious positivism took root and has probably done more to undermine the path to socialism than any other ideological idee fixe.

The ‘design’ in nature doesn’t require ‘god’ or ‘geist’ beliefs but it does require something more than darwinian reductionism. The teleological element in nature can be seen without theological or mystical historicism, but it does require being seen as a mystery still to be solved. The problem is not intrinsically more difficult than exploring analogs to simple feedback devices, or dimensional arguments with ‘machines’ that can act from the future.

Despite our challenge to darwinism, and support of the idea of design, we might well challenge the idea of ‘Intelligent Design’ rather than simply ‘design’.

Source: Design versus ‘Intelligent’ Design – Darwiniana

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