the working class ecologists, is Foster daydreaming…//John Bellamy Foster on the ‘Green New Deal’

This is leftist verbiage about the working class, which doubtfully gives a shit about climate change, given Trump’s mental state, at time when the Yellow Vests clearly split over the ecology issues. We are out of time for bullshit about the working class. He is saying we must submit to the working class version of climate change…dubious!

Many have considered, rightly, this is Macron’s fault, but can we be confident the working class will really consider ecological issues if the question of working class gains requires growth, growth, growth…
We need something better than Foster’s idiotic ruminations about Marx’s soil ruminations proving he was an ecologists. The left has no real momentum on the ecology issue, not much either on its working class focus.
We have long since considered the need for a new post-marxist left that can recast ecology and the working class (meme only?) focus into a new whole. That requires a working class ecologist. A creature that doesn’t exist. I will donate one buck apiece if Foster can find a hundred such. The left discovers a strange secret: it must pamper a fictive working class that has refused to shape up for socialism, revolution, and finally ecology. It invokes the phantom working class and refuses to act because that phantom won’t act….

I would suggest our idea of the universal class, an ecological vanguard with a working class angle, clear pointing to the problems of a working class sacrificed to ecology, and an entirely new postmarxist formulation of socialism/communism in an ecological context.

Despite this Foster is right: we need a revolutionary social transformation, but I doubt if marxists have the right formula…


Source: John Bellamy Foster on the ‘Green New Deal’

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