let’s applaud Ilhan Omar:// Congresswoman accused of ‘anti-Semitic’ tweet

It is remarkable to see the way someone elected to congress by a moslem-influcenced electorate gets results almost at once. The tyranny of jewish/israeli domination and supremacist racist apartheid is nearing its endgame. All that is required is for citizens to point to the obvious. The charges of antisemitism are pure bilge here: that congress is run by AIPAC like a bunch of puppets is almost elementary. b

The influence of jewish money is a nobrainer, and insidious. Israel, which is being charged now for complicity in the 9/11 conspiracy, is a monumentally criminal rogue state that has fomented wars in the middle east getting the US to fight them. It cannot achieve democracy or equality because jewish religious ideology is supremacist and must discriminate to maintain its control. And the case of Israel is that of an abortion of a liberal state based on the hate crimes of covenental judaism.
Jewish money, to say nothing of threats of antisemitism control the american system of government in a crypto-fascist coup. One can only applaud Ilhan Omar for stating the obvious. Her statements should be considered very mild.
Jews and Israelis have become racists, plying a religious ideology of jewish supremacy and domination that should have long since been banned in the wake of the enlightenment. Its ideology is pernicious and should be scrapped toward a secularist finale. The Old Testament is a species of religious propaganda based on religious lies.

Almost everything about it is false.

Books like Grand Deception are beginning to expose the psychopathic gangsters controlling the Israel gangster state, the record is appalling…

A new Democratic congresswoman is facing a firestorm of criticism for suggesting US politicians only support Israel because of lobby money.Ilhan Omar suggested in a tweet that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Aipac ) was buying influence to promote US pro-Israel policies.Republicans and Democrats alike said the tweets stoked anti-Semitic tropes about Jews and money.The Minnesota lawmaker ha

Source: Ilhan Omar: Congresswoman accused of ‘anti-Semitic’ tweet – BBC News

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