Last and First Men: an attempt at post/neomarxism…

Last and First Men

This was an attempt of several years ago to create a new postmarxist//neomarxist reader that broke out of rigid marxist scientism with a broad view of history, evolution, culture, art and philosophy.  Marxists refuse to read it, terminate discussion at once, and completely ostracize the author.

People who act that way won’t get another attempt at socialist transformation. You can see it in the commentary (most the lack of it) on Venezuela: marxists and the left sense they have no solution to the crisis and wish the whole thing would go away so they can go back eulogy of Marx and the endless round of bullshit.

Unfortunately the marxist left is so frozen in place that it is impossible to have any kind of discussion or dialogue. The older stalinist left was addicted to simply murdering anyone who dissented from dogma and while the recent left has renounced all of that the fact remains that a cultic mindset has become so hardened that any critical thinking is impossible.

In reality the whole marx canon is unusable at this point and needes a restatment and complete overhaul.

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