Everything about our current situation suggests the need for revolutionary transformation.

Everything about our current situation suggests the need for revolutionary transformation. We have lost government: congress, president, courts: nothing can be expected from these. We have lost all the maintream media. Capitalism has run amok and unless we can deal with it it will destroy the planet: capitalists are a collective menace ruling unchecked. WE have lost protest movements or marches on washington. The fascist ‘science of crowd control makes a public demonstration almost impossible short of tame, licensed idiocy demonstrations (the women’s march is an exception, it seems, but that movement is basically a valid feminist process behind which stands a bourgeois phenomenon putting women onto Wall Street, the Milit Complex, the Pentagon…?) Socialists marching the streets will end up in court for years. A lot of progressive candidates have emerged, some winning seats. But they will do no thing but raise hopes and do nothing. I will wager, hopefully wrong, that the Green New Deal will accomplish nothing. And a ‘New Deal’ just proves my point: coopting revolution again.  A lot of fresh faces elected. But note that the speaker of the House has already sabotaged the green new deal. Reread the above: we have lost Congress (the Senate), the courts. The President is a joke, street demos, gone. We will be treated to some years of ‘we are trying’ to find out that nothing has changed. One thing more we have lost ‘revolution’ to the non-violent crowd. Every revolution of modern times was a violent process until the gandhians took over. So we have lost the core method of revolution.

Figures like Sanders, who hardly deserves full blame for this, nonetheless has unwittingly paralyzed the left by taking the idea of ‘revolution’ and ‘socialism’ and changing their meaning into their near opposites. We have lost those terms, and a younger generation hardly knows any better. This cooptation was very deft and spread the illusion of a left and made Sanders a lot of money.. I could hardly exempt the DSA from this charge, but Sanders has had a large influence in the past two years and now we have social democracy, barely even that, passed off as socialism. His tactics are suspicious in being deliberate. He couldn’t have done better if he worked for the CIA. The planet is about to self-destruct as the powers that be pretend it isn’t happening.

Everything about our situation suggests a crisis that is being addressed by the wrong methods. We need a revolutionary transformation. Without out it we go down the drain. That’s about it. Your move, dodo.



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