Kautsky, originally a revolutionary, correctly saw the bolshevik calamity for what it was

Marxist.com picks up this article on which we commented already. Let us note the remark of Trotsky: Kautsky wasn’t always a social democrat: he was revolutionary socialist until the calamity of bolshevism appeared: he saw correctly that it was not had been intended.
I am no fan of Kautsky but he has been proved right as the whole era of bolshevism has fallen away into nothing…

A revolutionary socialist must leave bolshevism behind and ask how the left can do the job right, if it gets another chance.
Sites like marxist.com in their unrepentant refusal to face the reality of bolshevik failure are blocking the path for a new generation which is virtually driven into social democratic pseudo-socialism with no other options…

Trotsky neatly described Kautsky’s trajectory and role in the socialist movement his preface to the 1919 reissue of Res­ults and Pro­spects: For decades Kautsky developed and upheld the ideas of social revolution. Now that it has become a reality, Kautsky retreats before it in terror. He is horrified at the Russian Soviet power and takes up a hostile attitude towards the mighty movement of the German Communist proletariat.

Source: USA: two trends in the American socialist movement – why we should throw Kautsky out with the bathwater

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