poor you, brainwashed by darwinism, (aren’t allowed to) will never read this book, 99 cents, cheap…//World History and the Eonic Effect Fifth Edition: Civilization, Darwinism, and Theories of Evolution…

One can only recommend reading World History and the Eonic Effect to see why social/historical theories are always failures (and that includes economic theories, marxist/capitalist, plus historical materialism).
This is perhaps the only book that exists that can model free agency in the context of historical determination, I didn’t say determinism. And that again in the context teleological dynamics (or better, directionality). Economists try more and more complex mathematical models with calculus, don’t work. What might work is right under their noses, or could work: simple approximation models with computers, but with agency somehow built it, best of luck. Historians try to mate history with darwinism, won’t work.

The ‘model’ (distinguished from ‘theory’, sometimes models are considered theories) in the eonic effect is clever because it moves on the way to a theory but stops and becomes a ‘glove model’ short of a theory. But in the process it corrects our idea of ‘evolution’, shows the connection of history and both organismic evolution in deep time and historical evolution in the emergence of civilization (and or the emergence of homo sapiens…).
The book seems to become complicated only because it requires reading books instead of computing theory.
A stunning portrait of (real) evolution in action emerges and the result is very peculiar in our present as the future becomes open to free agency, and possibilities for disaster.
Will humanity make it past the eonic effect to which it is blind? I will refrain from expressing pessimism.

Back to your darwinian brainwashing…hope your survive social darwinism (theory and practice)

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