Kant and the origin of the ‘end of history’ meme


After all the confusion over the term ‘end of history’ it is interesting that Fukuyama has in fact altered his view. The term is too confused for use at this point but at least we should note that the idea of democracy is a better candidate for the usage and that in the context of a challenge to its flaws in practice: Marx was insightful on this and rightly analyzed the way ‘democracy’ was hijacked by capitalism. Obvious stuff, so why is everyone confused?

The idea of the ‘end of history’ works very well if we see it in terms of a oscillating correction along the lines of a socialist blend with democracy. Obvious stuff, so why is everyone confused. The whole idea has  been scrambled by the legacy of bolshevism and the capitalist cooptation of the idea. The insights of Marx produced revulsion with liberalism, and finally democracy, in Lenin et al. and the whole fiasco began

Instead of the term we might consider a convergence that can reconcile democracy and communism in a conclusion to the social evolution of civil society: that was incidentally clearly stated by Kant…who fortunately never used the term that has induced fumble in so many….

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