Trump is wrong: the US will turn (neo-)socialist or cease to exist…

We have cautioned Sanders on the corruption of terminology. But obviously Trump is also wrong, perhaps: perhaps we will stop predicting for or against socialism and work to bring it about via revolution. A remarkable moment has arrived: Trump our leaders wishes to stage of fascist coup d’etat in public to overthrow the the legal government of Venezuela.
We should be wary of the imitation implies at our link but the point is clear, there is no inherent reason we should honor the criminal state of the US: we have real and far better grounds for the revolutionary overthrow of the US government. From there we can found real democracy in a socialist form. We have the right and the duty to do this because the result at a moment of climate crisis is almost inevitable, logically inevitable for sure. The capitalist alternative is completely insane; this president wishes to destroy the EPA, threaten the drinking water of all americans, egg on the destruction of the Amazon, the list of insanities is long. We have the right, and also the duty to overthrow this government. We may as well either adopt ecological socialism or tear the US to pieces: the world would be better off if the US were torn to pieces.

We have come to a strange and remarkable moment: the undermining of the US government in the process of fascist attempts to undermine the sovereignty of another nation: Venezuela, compelling an iro…

Source: If the US will undermine Venezuelan sovereignty then we have grounds to undermine the sovereignty of the US, in any case an illegal government of criminals and imperialists violating international law…revolution now…! – 1848: The End(s) of History

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