bernie, trump is right: you have so corrupted the term socialist that the US could never reach, asshole…//(asshole 2) Trump Declares USA ‘Will Never Be Socialist’; Bernie Scowls 

The confusion over socialism as social democracy is so gross that trump is basically right: the US can’t reach socialism because the term has been misflagged and its devotees will head in the wrong direction and get nowhere. Sanders is playing FDR who explicityly attempted to forestall anti-capitalist socialism, the term still with some meaning…
It would help if we discuss social democracy in terms of wage gains, medicare for all, etc, and restrict socialism to the revolutionary overthrow of capitalist foundations. If we can no longer correct the terms coopted by assholes like sanders, we should use new terms. The term ‘communism’ is still viable and we have used the term neo-communism just to be sure we are able to define it step one, e.g. in combination with ‘democracy market neo-communism’ etc,…
Let’s face it we need a (neo-)communist overthrow of the american government, and step one we warn the Sanders’ and AOC’s they are not socialists…

President Donald Trump on Tuesday declared America “will never be a socialist country.”

Source: Trump Declares USA ‘Will Never Be Socialist’; Bernie Scowls |

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