the working class was shafted by the bolsheviks…try something else…//Workers’ democracy in the Russian Revolution …and other bullshit…

We have repeatedly critiqued for its knee jerk bolshevism even as we take up its useful articles, softball pitches for our swing. Whatever we say about the russian revolution the fact remains it was a gross failure and if we cite its legacy in such glowing terms the whole chance of convincing a skeptical public will be lost. To say that it was this was the first time the working class took power is nonsense but if it is true we should be wary of working class revolutions. The working class was eliminated swiftly and lost the right even to form unions.

I strongly recommend leaving behind the bolshevik legacy and taking a worst case analysis that nods to the endless debate here where neither side is trustworthy. A viable left should not waste its breath on debates over the russian revolution, a fruitless task that will derail a future initiative.
That was the point of our DMNC: create a complete break with the past, define the terms in a new way, and never waste momentum trying to justify the russian case. It should suddenly strike leftists just how bizarrely feckless such strategy really is. If a revolutionary moment came a reiteration of classic formulae would lead to instant failure.
A new approach is needed….
A revolutionary transition is well within the realm of the possible but if the same old marxist idiots seize control for their stale formulae the counterrevolution will take about a week.

<blockquote>The Russian Revolution is the greatest event in human history, because for the first time the working class not only led a revolution, but took power directly into their own hands and proceeded to transform society. The act is slandered as undemocratic, when in reality it involved the most far-reaching and revolutionary democracy the world has ever seen. In this two-part article, Daniel Morley explains how this worked in practice.</blockquote>

<p>Source: <a href=””>Workers&#8217; democracy in the Russian Revolution – part one</a></p>

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