The past, the future and the inexorable failure of zionism

This post quixotically refers to the case of ancient Israel and its dissolution. But of the course the analogy (which was more en passant than serious) seems flawed because jews spawning Zionism were able to recreate a ‘state’ of Israel in modern times.

In terms of the eonic effect there is no inherent reason why this can’t happen, however rare. The eonic model distinguishes system action and free action: prime transition zones in the model show system action, then the result is free action. There is no inherent reason why  therefore modern remnants can’t on their own initiative do anything they please if they can manage it, including take over the ancient territory and try to revive th past.  To give an example, you can create a model of a dinosaur, that’s free action, but you can’t create a real dinosaur (so far) in its original environment, that’s (evolutionary) system action.

The case of modern Israel is an artificial dinosaur. Catch 22 moment, unfortunately.

  1. the modern recreation shows no system action. It is an artificial creation of Zionism which is a non-starter in world history. There is no way to replicate the effect of ancient Israel, Archaic Greece, Indic buddhism, etc…the eonic mystery remains an enigma…
  2. the idea tried to buck the basic reality of world history: the dynamic of creative culture never repeats itself…the case of modern Israel shows what happens when you try: the result is sterile and produces a kind of Mossadic mafia of zionist thugs. This has nothing to do with real history
  3. the idea that some god gave the West Bank to a set of zionist interlopers shows the derelict idea in the full rampage of its horror…
  4. the idea that modern Zionists could create the basis of a world religion like the ancient Israelites is so  laughable as to be grotesque: the total reverse is the case…
  5. Zionism was plagued with Machiavellian politics from the start and has ended in a crescendo of rogue state criminality, the record is beginning to find documentation, cf. such works as Grand Deception, etc… The record is grim
  6. the modern case has no religious basis apart from the rancid Old Testament complex of now obsolete ideas: the idea of a ‘Jehovah’ intervening in history is sheer bunk, and covenental judaism in creating spiritual inequality doomed itself in the long run as anti-religious ethnocentric propaganda
  7. Ancient Israel was exceptional given its status in the ‘Axial Age’ in parallel with Persian Zoroastrianism: the two blended at the time of the Exile and produced an incipient monotheism: everything in the literature suggested a universalization, but this most wretchedly aborted as the task was completed by christianity, leaving however two religions instead of one, the curse of monotheism, …Zionism shows this curse rising from the dead as if in a zombie movie.
  8. The Israelites were indeed unique in detecting the Axial transition, but they confused this with ideas of divinity. The idea of ‘god’ became entangled with the idea of a geographical region and an historical transition. The result is the world historical screw up of two religions attacking each other.
  9. the issue of ancient Israel is a total red herring: it was a transient generator zone for a new world religion, but fell by the wayside in its own ethnocentric failure. It was finally destroyed in the onset of christianity, coincidence…
  10. It is hard to imagine a more acute failure than modern Israel. Let us grant the horror of the Holocaust, but Zionism was purportedly not even clear about nazism and compromised on the issue. It is a gangster state that can’t even manage  a liberal resolution of the Palestine situation. The hidden Zionist project to destroy Palestine has been present from the start and will destroy the whole game in the end/
  11. this strange phenomenon has overtaken american democracy and nearly destroyed it, the past gaining control of the future to produce a frankenstein anomaly
  12. there is no reason why secular post-judaism can’t universalize and create a modern democratic state that is free of judaic canons of spiritual inequality. Five centuries after the Reformation and two after enlightenment the attempt to create a modern state that recognizes only jewish birth requirements from jewish mothers is so grotesque one is left in wonder.
  13. the case of Israel is suspiciously a triple play that will destroy christianity, judaism and islam  and clear the field of monotheistic delusion. Israel’s constant efforts to seed wars in the Middle East to destroy every culture extant is gross…
  14. in the end jews will universalize, declare any/everyone a jew who chooses that and free itself of the grotesque hate crimes of ‘mother judaism’: at that point jews will assimilate and move on ( a process in effect now as the tide of modern judaism peaks and recedes). The christians tried this already and failed, however…
  15. there is no way to revive the past. You can try but the result in this zionist case is so horrible as to be a kind of cultural cancer…
  16. how many centuries are jews going to waste defying historical logic? At some point it is simply over….
  17. It is almost incredible that christians are now dumb enough to succumb to zionism…for crying out loud…let us grant the modern fundamentals of tolerance, but the original christians were clear that covenental judaism had turned into a dangerous confusion. They could never at any moment granted the basis of judaic spiritual inequality. Incredibly, modern secularism has actually allowed this idea to amplify into a kind of monstrosity as research closes in on, e.g. Israeli complicity in 9/11…
  18.  Because of their stupid mistake with Israel the American republic is perhaps doomed to dissolution along with Zionist Israel. Note that the Zionists want this result. This may take centuries of conflict and exhaust the whole potential of modernity in religious archaism. But it is possible to stand up to nonsense and say NO.


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