Brexit on the way to Eurexit?

It is somewhat difficult as an outsider to take a stance on brexit. We have pilled up contradictory articles on the subject, but also tried out a theme of eurexit: the idea, which actually goes back, with some hesitation, to the original brexit moment several years ago, that the EU is doomed in the end: I never had a position on the subject until the moment came: brexit was voted and in motion. At that point I was tentatively in support.  The issue for me was the horror story treatment of Greece. At that point my support of the EU simply evaporated. And events seem to bear this out: the whole structure is a botch, and now the UK is in the morass of in/out in the indecision of the whole question and the rightist aspect some claim is the real motive spectrum, a point open to challenge. But to be sure the future could be full of unintended consequences. One could regret such a position. But in the end the EU seems like a flawed conceptual structure.

The support of Trump by the EU on Venezuela seems to prove my point. Why on earth would this body do something so stupid?

I think the UK should simply leave the EU and not look back, deal or no deal. Who the heck cares about the Irish question? Ireland should have been a unity almost a century ago. Who cares…This issue of Scotland is again not relevant: let them skip, they might soon return. The brits are not likely to recover their former glories: a look at the eonic effect shows why: prime transition zones end up in a difficult ‘later’ history. England must make the best of a bad lot. As an ‘inventor’ of capitalism it is going to suffer the invisible karma (a most dubious term) of having inflicted a monstrosity on the planet. I recommend a cameo remnant becoming creatively futuristic as it reinvents ‘economy ‘ for an age of climate catastrophe and postcapitalist explorations. Little countries once great might reflect on the eonic effect and the fate of ancient Israel (forgetting the temporary doomed monstrosity of the modern hallucination): break up, deportation, sack of the City of London, exile and global diaspora, little brit shtetl’s of tea drinkers addicted to memory all over the planet. Best to wise up.

The idea of the EU shows is flaws in the way it tries to annex adjacent entities, meeting its nemesis with, e.g. Ukraine, Turkey. Adjacency is the wrong idea. Unless it is going to bring Russia and China into its ‘union’ the whole idea is simply a neo-nationalist pipe dream all over again. The original idea of the Commonwealth was at least free of the adjacency fallacy. The best idea, in principle, until it was wrecked by the bolsheviks, was that of an ‘international’.

In a brexit/eurexit situations the UK could create a new kind of ‘union’ from the left in a path to a stable (postcapitalist) ecological socialism…Does anyone have a better idea? I doubt it.


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