Venezuela and the failure of capitalism

We have tried to suggest how ‘easy’ it would be to create real socialism and that in the context of Venezuela. The charge is laid against Venezuela that it shows the failure of socialism.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Venezuela is not socialist, it is capitalist, and we see a spectacular failure of capitalism, and of sanctions warfare.

The situation is stuck between confused definitions of socialism, now abetted by crypto-imperialist pseudo-socialist figures like Sanders who has passed on the confused definitions of the terms ‘socialism’ and ‘revolution’ in the coopted form that has crept into leftist discussions. In the process the term ‘socialist’ has also crept into US electoral politics to the point that noone can comment intelligently on Venezuela. We now know how these so-called ‘socialists’ will deal with the real thing and be fearful they will show their true colors via the CIA, et al…

Maduro et al. are beset with a capitalist conspiracy led by its corrupt bourgeoisie. He should move to complete the revolution using some kind of new blueprint for a real socialist state and economy that will lay the foundation of a new economy and politics. But here the marxist idiots are going to counsel the wrong approach. We have a model of our DMNC that is a tool to think through the calamity-prone archaeo-communism of the marxist legacy. A better solution is possible and is not so hard to implement, given the very hard task of expropriation. Why not just declare the start of ‘real socialism’, and make the economy into a socialist whole?

Our DMNC model can to some extent ‘idiot-proof’ such a transition, which can be a tricky endeavor with hundreds of components and the shadow of bolshvik idiocy lurking in the background. In the meantime we won’t hear from the American pols now calling themselves socialist. They must betray the real thing to maintain their illusory progressive label…

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