Eurexit…goodby to EU and all that…the UK has one chance left: reinvent economy on the way to postcapitalism…some free advice

The support of Trump by EU on Venezuela is another nail in the coffin of that failed ‘union’. I cannot advise on the subject, but I can record my sudden reactions, which are that the UK might as well be done with the EU, spin off Scotland and Northern Ireland, and experiment with a hard brexit, wrecking the economy as ‘creative destruction’, a view I first took on after the rape of Greece. Did noone notice: the EU killed itself off during Grexit manque. It will be finished with Brexit and ready for Eurexit.
The UK has one chance really: the creation of a International to replace the idiotic ‘EU’ and a passage toward a form of postcapitalism. I recommend a version of our ‘democratic market neo-communism’ under which Ukania could thrive as a cameo neo-union jack state with a good idea, soon a new global power leading a new international…

Source: Brexit: British establishment has lost control

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