Venezuela and the expropriation phase?

We were a bit hard on Proyect but because he is right on a key point his marxist slant becomes all the more a liability: it was consistently the view of the ‘marxists’ to emphasize revolutionary transformation and this Proyect does in the case of Venezuela.
But everything else about marxism is dated at this point and should not enter the practical sphere.

We have analyzed endlessly the reasons for this and pointed to the simplicity of a basic neo-communist system in the form of a model (the actual result would be complex, no doubt). The point here is that marxism miscalculated history, economics, markets, democracy, and revolutions in history. The result can be fatally confusing to practical revolutionary/evolutionary action. That’s our DMNC (democratic market neo-communism) again, which is a tool to juggle opposites, escape ‘stages of production’ theory along with historical materialism, dialectical materialism and all the other junk that will fatally confuse the moment of real socialism, whatever that is: that’s the point, we must construct such a thing. History won’t automatically take us there.
That said, I think that the expropriation of the bourgeoisie is the key missing element in the Venezuelan mix, however much it would tempt invation by outraged imperialists…
We cannot cite Marx’s chapter and verse at this point. It will abort a real transition. History shows that in every case marxist boilerplate ended up in socialist failures…
Proyect is almost as bad as Sanders…Louis Proyect is some kind of high-priced judgemental marxist ‘boy we’re smart’ snob expert who seems out of touch at this point, and out…

Source: Proyect blathers about Venezuela…//Thoughts on the Venezuelan Crisis | Louis Proyect – 1848: The End(s) of History

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