The endgame of Sanders’ phony ‘democratic socialist’ label (and presidential ambitions)…time for mouthwash…

We were pretty hard on Sanders but he done has something destructive and this Counterpunch article provides a very analysis. We may lose Maduro, but we have certainly lost Sanders.

Sanders has destroyed his own credibility as a ‘democratic socialist’, not once, but twice, first in his corrupted ‘socialist’ and ‘revolution’ jargon and now the destruction of even that corrupted jargon. This is no laughing matter: a lot of people just might get killed in Venezuela who really are democratic socialists and the creepy Sanders will disown them.

Time to stop referring to Sanders as a ‘democratic socialist’, it is a totally betrayed position and any real socialist should be wary of someone like Sanders: he will no support you on the left, to say the least….The real moment of failure was at the end of the presidential campaign when he caved to Clinton.

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