Proyect blathers about Venezuela…//Thoughts on the Venezuelan Crisis | Louis Proyect

Proyect is almost as bad as Sanders…Louis Proyect is some kind of high-priced judgemental marxist ‘boy we’re smart’ snob expert who seems out of touch at this point, and out of date. I wouldn’t bother to comment save that, unlike Sanders who is equally out of touch, Proyect rightly points to the revolutionary demand for expropriation. If that’s his beef, OK, but the marxist garbage is worse than counter-revolutionary, it leaves real radicals going in the wrong direction, and/or totally confused by the ‘marxist vanguard’ that uses marxism to control the proletariat and anyone else dumb enough to listen to this dumbkopfs. To be sure, Chavismo deserves some criticism from the left, but the marxist take Chavez rightly evaded. But now the chance of a new route to socialism is possible, if marxist idiots would steer clear.

Proyect is so stuck in marxist boilerpalste that any revolutionary in his right mind would end up confused. Karl Marx who is at fault confused a lot of people and when it comes to ‘revolution’ marxists are bunglers, sophistical ‘experts’ who bum steer everyone and have never produced a single successful revolution. The situation in Venezuela is in essence simple, but the diagnosis is real communism, in a non-marxist brand that can really thrive. With Marxist help Venenzuela will go the same way as all the other failures. Maduro is balking because he senses the wrong marxist approach but can’t find his way.

This article is full of tricky ‘boy we’re smart’ details irrelevant to the actual revolution in progress that needs help, not a lot of New York commentariat marxist bullshit. We don’t need marxism, Marx worship, oulala over the Commune, Lenin, the Bolsheviks or any of the incompetent blather of the completely spent and sidelined marxist left.
Maduro needs help, not a lot of tricky dicky reasons why he is not a doctrinaire marxist.
With any real help Venezuela would be socialist by now, but instead a bunch of kitchen dick kibbitzers are advising absolutely the wrong things that have made marxist revolutions fail.

The situation in Venezuela is not complex but it is stalled because the legacy revolution theme is crypto-marxist/stalinist.
We have suggested several practical ideas, but step one is to send the marxist intelligentsia packing and think from scratch.
We have over twenty posts on Venezuela, practical and efficient and postmarxist…

Source: Thoughts on the Venezuelan Crisis | Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

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