Bernie, from now on ‘revolution’ means overthrow of a government and ‘socialism’the expropriation of the bourgeoisie…inclusing the million bunks you made coopting ‘revolution’ in the term ‘Our Revolution’…we should expropriate that million bucks….

We are at a crisis point that is moving past crisis into ‘sorry too late’ and yet noone on the left is thinking through the situation. Consider this pathetic post at Counterpunch, one in a long series on climate change…
We live in revolutionary times, but apparently with no revolutionaries…

The Green New Deal is a great idea but it is not enough.
All through the 2016 campaign I looked enthusiastically at Sanders’ campaign and yet also wrote a huge number of posts critiquing his misleading ‘Our Revolution’ (about which he wrote a book making him over a million dollars) and phony socialism. His stance was not clear, but no more: after his piece on Venezuela it is clear he will not support real socialism in the process corrupting the terms of discourse. Sanders could not have done better if he been a CIA plant. A reminder of the way politicians absorb the elite mentality behind jargon.
We need to recover the terminology of Revolution and Socialism to their real meaning and declare Sanders for what he is. This situation, although it is not exclusively the fault of Sanders, shows the way the terms have become dysfunctional. Just as the point where we need them. We can request the money for his book to a real socialist revolution and to stop using the term socialism and revolution. We need those terms for the real thing.
We at the point where extinction is becoming inevitable and, what to say of Sanders, the older left is impotent and frozen, unable to act.
We need a new revolutionary left and need to send Sanders, and the marxist left, packing since they are unable to respond to the situation. To be fair the marxist left has put itself on hold because it must sense it needs a new program. Any marxist revolution is likely to be a screw up at this point.

We have a dozen new frameworks, and the issue of real socialism is not as hard as the idiot marxist left has made it seem. We have created a movement abstractiopn under the aegis of our Red Forty-eight group…We have produced a neo-marxism, a neo-communism, a blueprint for a new kind of economy, and ecological foundation, and a cashiering of the marxist obsessions such as historical materialism that sank every revolution the old left ever had a hand in. This is not personal narcissism but a head scratching wonder at the inability of marxists to get ‘unbrain dead’.
Whatever the case ‘revolution’ forceable overthrow of a government with socialism/commnunism meaning the expropriation of the bourgeoisie.
update: Sanders as was clear from his 2016 talks socialism but doesn’t mean it. He clearly won’t support anyone who is actually a socialist like Maduro.

Source: running dog sanders pontificates for the state department…//Re: [Marxism] Sanders Statement on Venezuela – Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont – 1848: The End(s) of History

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