Socialism/communism have no historical exemplars, goodbye to the montrosities of the bolshevik era…

It is not clear to me what exactly I am reading here in this certainly interesting essay, see link below. But if the author includes China as a ‘socialist’ political system, I dissent at once confronted with the monstrosities that the era of bolshevism created and passed to China. But what is the nature of the Cuban system in reality? It is unclear to me and the essay sabotages its own intriguing depiction.

Our DMNC model speaks of neo-communism and divorces itself from all prior attempts,

the case of Cuba remaining up in the air. It is not required to show solidarity to or defend any previous phony ‘communisms or socialisms’. The genre so far has no real exemplars, so we move on. The legacy of Marx/Engels is given a historical reckoning only and while some of its indications are relevant overall the theories of Marx led to the shipwreck of the whole set of experiments. So we keep our distance in all respects.
China does not quality as anything but a neo-colonial mess of pottage run by global capital and dictatorship of bolshevik style stalinist gangsters. I can’t decipher the Cuban case, so we stay well away from it and create a new system from scratch…

The socialist governments of the Third World plus China have developed popular democracy, with structures that are alternatives to those of representative democracy. Laws and policies are decided by deputies of the people, and not by politicians dependent on the support of corporate and wealthy interests. Let us look at the historical development of the alternative political process in the case of Cuba.

Source: Popular Democracy in Cuba

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