Degrowth and our DMNC

We quoted  below some of the material on degrowth from the site at the link.

We should note how easily this thinking could be adapted to our ‘democratic market neo-communism’. The latter was an attempt to consider a functional model of politics and economy in and of itself, but clearly both ecological socialism and degrowth are key issues that in practice would fit nicely. In fact our DMNC just might make degrowth a viable option.

Two Manifestos including  our model of ‘democratic market neo-communism


Post-growth policy begins with the very principle that – as the Yellow Vests themselves have pointed out – should inform all ecological policy: greater equality. Indeed, the post-growth movement has long argued that equality can be a substitute for growth. By sharing what we already have more fairly, we won’t need to plunder the Earth for more. The objective of degrowth is to scale down aggregate resource use, energy demand and emissions, focusing on rich, high-consuming nations, and to do this while improving people’s well-being. How do we make this happen? Here are five first steps: 1. Abandon GDP as a measure of progress …


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