Trump stinks, but is Pelosi grandstanding with a petty refusal to compromise?

In less than two weeks foodstamps run out and a lot of people without the bank accounts of the gov workers with no checks will have no recourse short of shoplifting when it comes to food. That prospect generates a quite visceral contempt for both Trump and Pelosi.  Trump is an obvious scumbag, but it would seem Pelosi who is in no danger of hunger seems to think some liberal left base is with her all the way to fighting Trump. She is a key player in the shutdown and could have compromised here.

The US has squandered a trillion dollars in Afghanistan, who cares about five billion going to a wall? Trump will gain no victory in a compromise. The only thing that matters is getting rid of him. And maybe Pelosi also.

In any case people like Pelosi must think people will close ranks with her fight with Trump. How macho. I think the victims would prefer their foodstamps. Trump is finished in any case.


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