Turning the Women’s March Into a Mass Movement Was Never Going to Be Simple | The Nation

The women’s movement has my heartfelt support but after three years the gesture seems to be repetitious for a movement in which I never felt either welcome or any impulse to participate in. Now that a radical platfrom has begun to emerge the whole game has to expand beyond women’s issues to a general movement that brings in men and one would hope real radicals.

Since the movement is already splitting it might be time to ask if a movement for half the population is rightly conceived for the long term. Women have created a movement where the general left is stalled. Why not ‘donate’ the movement to a leftist perspective, at the risk of alienating many. As things stand now, the brouhaha over anti-semitism is a sign that a benign mainstream movement is in the end going to be attacked by thugs like the Israelis who want to control such mainstream orgs as with the Jewish lobby and mainstream politics. Their will to power is insidious and they hardly give a fig about antisemitism. What else can be said? No one in this right mind would try to split the movement over charges of antisemitism. It is a ridiculous charge. It indicates a secret strategy with some kind of agenda. But it may well succeed. There are signs the movement has explicitly indicated support for BDS, a good sign. If the WM allowed the definition of antisemitism to include support for Palestine it would be dead in the water same day, and I would make a point of going on the attack.
Why not be out front about BDS and move toward a social democratic/socialist spectrum movement that will say take it or leave it to its center of gravity. The world is going down the tubes as to climate catastrophe. The WM’s platform has one paragraph on the subject. Not good at all.

The Israelis often succeed in their fascist tactics. But they can’t really enforce support from exploitations and worse against Palestinians. But apparently they wish to try. Maybe just ditch the WM for a leftist radicalism that invites men and moves to really address the climate issue, socialism, revolutionary action, and for that matter Palestine, and this in a new way beyond stale marxist (which remains useful as a reference) jargon. Women triggered several revolutions, please note, including the russian. How about a piece of the action for US males and a democratic socialist/ecological socialist Women’s and Men’s march which women should feel free to organize.

Source: Turning the Women’s March Into a Mass Movement Was Never Going to Be Simple | The Nation

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