Pro-Israel groups are trying to split the Women’s March with a ‘Zioness’ alternative

Antisemitism? the worst enemies of jews are the zionists who have gone off the meter in criminal covert action…
The Women’s March has to stand up to this antisemitism blackmail or risk the destruction of their movement.

This is a pretty shocking development and yet not very surprising: this is par for the course for the aggressive attempts by Israelis to control american culture.

The basic charge that support for Palestinian rights is antisemitic is the usual attempt to move the goal post. How could Israelis imagine such a thing. They can, and they are too far gone to grasp their own sinking position: you can’t call people who watch the Palestine/Gaza horrors with sympathy antisemitic without in the end undermining you own position. In a strange way Israel is generating its own failure by the sheer hubris of its actions. It evokes an unconscious sense of desperation in the failure of Israeli. It got its right to exist, and the result is so grostesque and ugly one would be better off simply emigrating…

WoMen4All, a bizarre rip-off of the Women’s March, has set up an alternate network of “sister marches” to split the Women’s March. It is dedicated largely to condemning Palestinian rights and promoting Zionism by mixing naked Israeli war propaganda with standard feminist causes, such as enacting the Equal Rights Amendment.

Source: Pro-Israel groups are trying to split the Women’s March with a ‘Zioness’ alternative

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