Robert Scheer/Juan Cole must surely know the real facts of the 9/11 conspiracy by now…the doozie left has the issue dangerously wrong…//The West Has Islam Dangerously Wrong

Source: The West Has Islam Dangerously Wrong

University of Michigan professor and author Juan Cole explores our biggest misconceptions about the world’s second-largest religion.


    The left needs to get straight on 9/11 asap. Moslems were framed in a false flag conspiracy to promote the war on terror…

First, I am a liberal critic of Judaism and Christianity and therefore that

would move to include the case of Islam in a philosophic critique of monotheism and its institutions. This is not Islamophobia but the challenge of modernity to religions of the Axial Age which are destined to pass way, perhaps, another issue entirely. The same happened to the religions of the pre-axial age… I am also a critic of much sufism and its hidden mafia (as I suspect) of malevolent occultists, a strain that has spread into the west via such figures as Gurdjieff and recently E.J. Gold. You would do well to be if not sufismophobic then altogether wary of some sufistic occultists that including some gurus of the Indic legacy. Again this is another issue and not one of Islamophobia. Beyond the public view there are many terrified victims of these operators who are entirely invisible to public view. But the West has its own brands here despite the relative success of christian totalitarianism is suppressing gnosticism.

That said, the expose of Islamophobia, which has nothing to do with the above and is a form of bigotry, is a vital task of our time and pointing to the benign aspects of Islam is an important step in the context of modern freedom of religion. The pictures of these three religions is not as rosy as it might seem or some might claim, but the christian chauvinism here is a liability of its history. In many ways Islam attempted to correct christian confusions, such as the doctrine of the resurrection, etc, and this created still more conflict.

The real issue here is the question of 9/11, its Israeli/American conspiracy and the way this false flag black op was used to promote the war on terror resulting in the vast amplification of Islamophobia. This framing of moslems is one of the gross crimes of history and yet the left remains dishonestly silent on the subject. I find it hard to believe Scheer/Cole is still blissfully ignorant of the facts here.
Sam Harris has created a lot of confusion, although it is important not to sentimentalize the history of Islam with its jihadic phase (nor the legacy of the Crusades) even as its many virtues need to be common knowledge. Harris immediately exploited the 9/11 conspiracy cover up, whether consciously or not, and played into the war on terror construct with his ‘new atheism’ which has suffered since from a kind of botched versioning (the older brands were much better) along with a kind of jewish chauvinism concerning Israel, strangely exempted from his account of monotheistic critique.
The best way to fight Islamophobia is to expose the real perpetrators of the 9/11 false flag op and to absolve muslims there by seeing the way the war on terror was constructed to justify wars in the Middle East. What a horror. And the left here has been a bunch of doozies, starting with Chomsky and his series of lies on the 9/11 question.


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