What is socialist Sanders’ platform on the expropriation of capital? confused labels and false flagging Sanders the ‘socialist’?

Alexanderplatz Berlin 1848



We have been hard on Sanders but even today we suggested, or at least considered, that he run, cf. the article from Commons Dreams, Ten Reasons Why Sanders Should Run in 2020. I kinda like the guy, going ‘off with his head’ here smacks of inconsistency. The reason in fact is that his thinking is unclear and could go either way: he just might be a real crypto-socialist and stealth-seed a revolution, chuckle. But he should be honest and if he is a socialist he should be held to account to socialist platforms, such as the expropriation of capital, a very touchy issue for Clintonite democrats, one daren’t mention Wall streeters.
The issue we raise is no quibble. If Sanders got elected he would have to turn the CIA on real socialists and communists, a betrayal so grotesque Sanders would be charged with a variant of false-flagging. His is a de facto false flag op already because he is using someone else’s flag, with the result, just more than possibly, of getting them killed because his followers and the real socialists will end up fighting each other. It is in fact an old situation, Mensheviks/Bolsheviks, but different now because back then the terms ‘socialism’ and ‘commnunism’ were fairly clear as to their meaning.
In fact Sanders may have eliminated himself here. Even so a false usage of the terms ‘socialism’ and ‘revolution’ ironically gives them venue and a kind of publicity…You can’t get away with the strategy Sanders has adopted. He could end up with the blood of real socialists on his hands.

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